The Basics

Your complete skincare routine should be in this order, you may pick and choose which ones you want to keep and which ones to skip according to what fits your skin best.

You can test your skin here:

  • Emulsifying oil cleanser

  • Foaming, milk, gel, powder, or soaping cleanser
  • Toners
  • Exfoliator (use only periodically according to skin type)
  • Essence and serums
  • Emulsion
  • Lotion
  • Creams (Day Cream/Night Creams)
  • Facial oils
  • Sunscreen

skincare products

Oil Cleansers/Makeup Removers

Oil Cleansers usually comes first because it is the most effective method of removing the makeup and sunscreen you’ve put on in the morning. This step comes before the foaming cleanser as it effectively softens the tough oil based products and helps with the next step of cleansing. It is not uncommon to have a double cleanse (oil cleanse + foaming cleanse), in fact it is an essential part of the Asian skincare routine.

Essences and Serums

Essences and serums contain active ingredients that yield specific results. This means this is the most customizable part of your skincare routine. If you are looking for a specific result, you will then have to choose the essence and serums with the active ingredients that contributes towards that specific result. Essences are thinner than serums, serums are thicker and thus contain more concentrated active ingredients. Note this doesn’t mean that serums are better than essences, because skins react differently for different concentrations of active ingredients.


Popular ingredients:

Ingredients Functions
Vitamin C Brightens skin tone, fades spots, repairs damage, and increases collagen production.
Niacinimide Brightens skin tone, fades spots, strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.
Snail Mucin Alleviates inflammation, treats pimples, and increases reparation process.
Galactomyces Brightens skin tone, fades spots, controls water oil balance.
Glycerin Hydrates the skin by binding to water molecules.
Glycolic Acid Chemical Exfoliant, treats acne.
Hydroquinone Lightens dark spots, associated with skin bleaching (controversial).


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