How to shop smart: items you should be splurging on

When it comes to roaming the mall, many of us commit the fatal mistake – you don’t go in with a plan and end up buying much more than you’d actually wear.  Even worse, you may buy a clutch that’s ridiculously overpriced, or a cheap shirt that you actually should be investing in.
Always opt for quality over quantity.  It may be a daunting task at first, but buying better quality items at a higher price will save you from a scary credit card bill because your clothes will last longer and you won’t

Say Goodby to Acne in 5 Simple Methods

Acne is a problem that nearly everyone goes through, whether in puberty or during your college years, but there are several solutions that can aid in diminishing and eventually getting rid of acne entirely. Remember, however, that it takes persistence, time and discipline in order to fully restore your skin depending on what kind of acne you have (read my article Blackheads Be Gone! to find out about how to address blackheads in specific!). Here are a few of my favorite solutions—pick a few to start out and I wish you luck!

1) Raw papay

6 Ways to Change up the Classic White Blouse

You don’t need us to tell you that you should have a classic white shirt in your closet. The white blouse is a closet essential that can be worn for every occasion. Whether it be a casual day look, paired with denim shorts, or you wear it in a more formal way, a white shirt is a staple for every woman.
But if you’re bored with the simple white blouse, there are several ways to change it up to make you stand out from the crowd – and it’s all in the detail. Here are some tips and tricks to stylize the white shirt to

Risky business: How to get away with wearing shorts in the office

We get it: the sun’s out,  the AC is blasting and all you want is to enjoy the summer weather and wear shorts on a regular basis. So the question remains, can women get away with wearing shorts at the office?
The truth is much of what we can and can’t get away with is all up to your own, individual work environment.  The daily outfits of a lawyer at a big-time legal firm (and we’re not talking about Elle Woods here), would be vastly different than the ones from a fashion PR agency.
Despite all of the

Foolproof Facial Massaging

Facial massage is a beauty ritual that has been going on around the world for centuries, and its many anti-aging benefits including improving skin circulation, relieving muscle tension, naturally lifting the face, allowing beauty products to seep into the skin better and overall giving the face a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. Although going to the spa to get a facial massage can definitely be rewarding, it can get expensive if done regularly. Instead, you can give yourself an at-home facial massage using a few tools and your own hands!

Hydrated Skin = Happy Skin!

With the emergence of various different brands of sodas, pop, bubble tea, etc., it can be hard nowadays to remember to drink water and keep your skin happy and hydrated. Here are a few tips on how to keep your skin looking supple and glowing!

1) Exfoliate!

Exfoliating, especially during the summer, is an important part of your beauty routine and helps to scrub away all of the excess dirt and impurities on your face, including dried, dead skin cells. This reveals a new layer of vitalized skin cells and leaves room for your face to breathe.

Beauty Tools - Cotton and Blotting Paper

This series will focus on various beauty tools that can be used to aid in applying makeup and beauty products. Cotton rounds, cotton squares such as the Acymer 2x Makeup Cotton Pads and cotton pads are beauty tools that are often underestimated.


• Cotton rounds are often hypoallergenic, as well as ultra-soft, lint-free and quilted for strength and durability. They are made especially for both the application of toners, astringents and lotion and the removal of nail polish and eye makeup. Some brands also offer exfoliating c

Bold and Glam at Cannes Film Festival 2015

It’s that time of year again, where A-list stars hit the red carpet at the sunniest of film festivals, stunning on-lookers with the most glam outfits.
This year, stars rolled out in bold, statement dresses with minimal accessories. It was all about creating a statement and – needless to say – they did it.

Here are a few of our style winners from opening night:

Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage
A big hit this year was Lupita Nyong’o at the opening ceremony, wearing a bright green gown that she pulled

Keep Calm and Remove Your Makeup

Removing makeup can be a pain-in-the-butt, especially when you’ve gone home from a long day at work or a long night of clubbing, but skipping this crucial part of the beauty routine can cause serious repercussions on your skin, including the development of clogged pores and acne breakouts. Although products like the Acymer Mixed Fluid Makeup Remover are designed to get rid of the toughest makeup formulas while soothing and nourishing tired skin, don’t flip out if you’ve run out of your favorite makeup remover! I’ve got

Dealing with Those Dreaded Dark Circles

As we get older and our priorities start to pile up, it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let along get enough sleep at night. Dark circles are a key indicator of stress and lack of sleep, and can become more distinguished over time if not taken care of, giving the face a tired, worn and aged look. Here are a few tips to diminish those dreaded dark circles and stop looking like a panda!

1) Almond oil is great for softening the skin and holding in moisture, which can help to reduce dark circles caused by dehydrated skin and can also